Organizations We Are Proud To Support

Organizations We Are Proud To Support

There are countless ways to help protect our climate, from picking up trash and staying on trails, to planting trees and volunteering with local organizations. “Leave no trace” is the golden rule for environmentally conscious campers, skiers, and hikers, but there are many other ways to maintain beautiful parks, forests, and trails when not on the mountain. In an effort to do our part to help the planet, we are proud to support organizations that focus on the preservation of our shared outdoor public spaces, including One Tree Planted, Protect Our Winters, American Rivers, and the National Park Foundation.

One Tree Planted

Between commercial deforestation, record-breaking wildfires across the globe, and keystone habitat loss, trees are rapidly disappearing. In order to combat these losses, One Tree Planted created an accessible way for anyone to help restore these vital ecosystems, with a tree planted for every dollar donated. Their latest report from 2021 shows how they have planted more than 40 million trees in 47 countries, which is twice as many trees as they were able to plant in 2020!

Protect Our Winters

Snowsports are a huge part of Colorado and mountain life, with a booming recreational economy and a growing base of outdoor enthusiasts who flock from all corners of the globe. Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones founded Protect Our Winters as a way to mobilize the thriving winter sports community against fossil fuels and environmentally harmful industry practices. The organization aims to educate and involve outdoor lovers through professional athlete partnerships and climate policy awareness initiatives.

American Rivers

Since 1973, American Rivers has restored fish and wildlife habitat by removing more than 200 dams and protecting over 150,000 miles of flowing rivers. It creates opportunities for local communities to get involved with river conservation and restoration, while also advocating for water management systems in political spaces. Monthly donations help American Rivers take swift action against threats to this vital part of our ecosystem.

National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation is a non-partisan philanthropic organization that has supported the conservation and preservation of national parks in the United States since it was first chartered by Congress in 1967. Our national parks are supported through a mixture of federal and private funding, so donations are crucial to keeping our parks wild and protected.

By supporting these climate-forward organizations, along with using sustainable packaging materials as much as possible, Mountain Jibe is doing its part to protect our outdoor playground. These donations are only possible due to our awesome customers! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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