About Us

Why We're Here

Hey guys! Crystina here, founder of Wild woods. I started this company after working at a used gear shop for a few years in Boulder, Colorado. I thought it would be the perfect way to beef up my gear closet and outdoor apparel without breaking the bank- but I soon realized that most of the options for women were just plain ugly. (Not sorry)

My options seemed to be Pepto-Bismol pink mid layers and weird zebra and cheetah prints that nobody asked for, or neutrals that were so boring I nearly fell asleep while on the trail. I kept thinking to myself “I can’t be the only gal out here dying for colorful and functional outdoor pieces!” Turns out, I wasn’t. If there’s one thing I hear the most from all of our amazing customers it’s “finally a brand embracing color!” And “thanks for not making me have to choose tan anything” 

And that’s how Wild Woods got it’s start!

Join us in creating a welcoming and approachable gateway to the great outdoors. Wild Woods gear is Developed for women and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds, sizes, and skill levels. We believe that when women feel comfortable and confident in their skin and outerwear, it translates to success on the trail (and in all areas of life!) Whether you're an ambitious beginner to outdoor sports, or an experienced backcountry pro, let us inspire connection and support as you enjoy the beauty of nature, comfortably & confidently.

Environmentally Friendly Practices to Take Care of the Earth We Love

As an outdoor adventure gear company, we take the Earth seriously—in every way.  We have recently joined 1% for the planet, and will be carbon neutral by 2024.