About Us

About Wild Woods

Have you ever purchased a new activewear outfit or pair of running shoes and afterwards noticed how you seem to have more Motivation to be active?

Or have you ever noticed how going on a hike and coming up on a gorgeous field of beautifully colored wild flowers gives you this calm, positive, uplifting feeling?

Crystina here- Founder of Wild Woods.

I found my love for the great outdoors when I moved to Colorado. I started working at a used outdoor gear shop in Boulder because I thought it would be a great way to immerse myself in this new lifestyle that took an immediate hold on me. I was a total 'outdoorsy' noob, & I have to admit that venturing out into the backwoods was kind of intimidating for me. 

Most of the apparel at the outdoor shop was pretty bland. Lots of beige, grey, or black.

It was super rare, but I remember when something would get donated that was my size, and in this beautiful bright color, I snatched it up immediately and couldn’t wait to try it out. I think the excitement of trying a new piece of tech-y gear that actually felt like me & got me that stoked was what pushed me out of my shell & helped me get over those fears of venturing out.

And that’s why I started wild woods. I wanted to bring the concept of that new active outfit motivating one to want to work out more, and the concept of color having a huge impact on our moods, emotions, and how a product makes us feel-  to technical & casual mountain apparel.  I wanted to build apparel that gets you excited about venturing out. 

After witnessing firsthand the powerful impact that the great outdoors can have on a person- but also understanding how it can be difficult to know where or how to jump into it all -  I am passionate about making the the first step in to outdoor recreation a not-so-intimidating one. Because if people have the right gear, in a color they adore, that is a boost of confidence for them- and as we all know, confidence on the trail & in what you’re doing allows you to focus more on the beauty around you - and remember why you wanted to start venturing out in the first place.

⚛︎Our Dedication to the Planet⚛︎

As a brand who’s central focus is around outdoor adventure- we know the importance of preserving & protecting our outdoor playgrounds. Which is why we donate monthly to the following organizations:

  • Protect Our Winters
  • American Rivers
  • The national park foundation
  • One Tree Planted

We use recycled plastic shipping supplies for all of our online orders- and we offer carbon neutral shipping to our customers at checkout. 

Our outdoor playgrounds provide the setting for our greatest moments. As an organization and as individuals, it is our sincere hope that these natural, wide open spaces will continue to provide the same escape and adventure for countless generations to come.